How to register your number in Play?

Applies to all card offers with Play and RedBull Mobile.

In a sales point

In a sales point

 Visit one of our Play salons or partner stores. Bring your ID and phone, along with the SIM card you want to register.  

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With the help of a letter carrier

With the help of a letter carrier

Give your letter carrier your telephone and the SIM card or PUK you wish to register.

Show the letter carrier your ID to confirm your details.

Insert the SIM card into your phone and start using it.

At the bank

At the bank

If you are a client of Millenium bank, you can register your card via the bank's website. All you have to do is log in to your account. 

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How do I register another number in Play?


Fill out the registration form.

Via text message

Send a text message to 676.

The message should consist of:

  • the telephone number you wish to register
  • your PUK

E.g.: ZAREJESTRUJ 790123456 12345678

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