Transfer your number to Play
in one of over 5,000 locations

Visit our shop, a partner’s POS or a post office
and collect a transfer bonus.

  • 20 GB of the Internet for 60 days

  • PLN 200 for voice calls and SMS for 60 days

  • An account valid for 1 year

How to transfer your number 
Transfer your number to Play and receive a bonus

Keep your current mobile number

  • It doesn’t cost a thing Is free of charge

  • Leave it to us All you have to do is to fill out the request.

  • Transfer your mobile number any time you like When filling out the request, we’ll ask you when you’d like to transfer your number. Choose the most convenient date.

  • Collect your bonuses For transferring your number, you will receive 20 GB and PLN 200 for 60 days from Play.

How to transfer your number to Play?

We already have over 5,000 locations in which we can transfer your number.
  • Step 1. Submit an application

    Visit a Play shop or a partner POS. Bring an identity document and a phone with the SIM card you wish to transfer. In the application, we will ask you to give us your preferred date of transferring the number.

  • Step 2. Insert your new SIM card

    You’ll receive a notification via SMS the day before your number is transferred. We transfer your number overnight. Insert your Play SIM card into your phone the following morning and make a phone call.
    The person on the other end has to pick up the phone.

  • Step 3. Receive your bonus

    Once your number has been transferred to Play, activate your bonus within 30 days.


More information

I have a phone number with another network. Can I register it with Play?
You can transfer a number registered with Orange, T-Mobile, Plus or another network to Play — at no cost. Just come to our shop, give us the details of the registered number, transfer it to Play and receive a bonus.
When can I activate the bonuses?
You can activate the bonuses within 30 days of your first call made after transferring your number to Play.
How long can I use the bonuses for?
You can use bonuses for transferring your number – PLN 200 for calls and texts and 20 GB of internet – for 60 days (2 months). You can use an active account for a year. A tariff change will cause you to lose the bonuses.
What can I use the PLN 200 and 20 GB bonus for?
You can use the PLN 200 bonus for voice and video calls as well as texts and MMS messages to all mobile networks, and for calls to landlines in Poland. You can use the 20 GB package for data transfer in the territory of Poland within the P4 Network with the use of APN Internet settings.
Will I receive bonuses for buying a new starter?
Bonuses are only available to persons transferring their number from a different network.
Can I receive information on promotions from Play?
Yes. At the time of registration, you can grant your consent to Play sending you information on services and promotions.
Who will store my data?
The data you submit at the time of registration will be stored by Play – just like the data of persons who have signed an Agreement for the Provision of Telecommunications Services with Play. Your data are safe and protected in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection.