Play card renew

Szczegóły oferty

Play card  renew NEW


Play card renew

  • top ups without validity
  • renewal - packages valid until exhaustion of funds.
  • Free status – enable for free with *188# code – talk and text in Play for PLN 0

Starter price


Account validity

Top-up amount Outgoing calls validity Incoming calls validity
5-300 PLN without validity without validity

Packages of the deals

Need cheaper minutes and SMS-s? Select appropriate package and lower your costs.

First steps in Play

How do I get started?
  • Register number
  • Insert the sim card to your phone
  • Switch on the phone
  • Call any number
    to activate your SIM card
How to top up the account?
  • on page:
  • In each Play store Find a store
  • In ATM-s
  • With scratch cards available in stores
    throughout the country
    (variants: 5, 10, 30, 50 PLN)
  • By payment terminals in shops
How to use USSD codes?

With USSD codes you can check the status of your account to activate the packages and change the tariff.

The use of USSD codes is very easy.
Just type in the selected code in the phone keypad and make the connection.

See the entire list of USSD codes

Where to buy Play starter?
  • In each Play store Find a store
  • In Empik stores
  • On newsstands
  • At petrol stations
  • In many small stores
    all over Poland


  • I have an offer on the card in Play, can I go to Play on reNew card?

    Yes. If you want to change the deal to Play in reNew card, enter and confirm *163*20# code. Change of the deal may take up to 24 hours. Causes the loss of all services, bonuses and promotional packages of zlotys.

  • I have a number in another network, how can I transfer a number to Play reNew card?

    You can buy a new starter or transfer your current number to Play. Details on the Register your number page. When you change the operator simply enable the deal with *163*20# code. Deal change may take up to 24 hours. Causes the loss of all services, bonuses and promotional packages of zlotys.

  • What does it mean that the account is valid indefinitely?

    If you use paid activities, your account is still valid. Do not block Your connections or money. There is no validity of incoming and outgoing calls.

  • What does it mean that packages and top-ups do not expire?

    You can use the packages to the end. Nothing is lost, neither minutes, nor SMS-s nor megabytes. The amount of any credit during the term of the contract (12 months since the last time a paid activity) you can use to the last penny.

  • How do I turn on the Free status? Will it be always on?

    To enable the Free status, type and confirm *188# code. Activation and use is free. If you do not use any any paid activity and you have PLN 0 on the account, Free status will be disabled. After the top-up of your account, you can re-enable Free status.

  • What is the billing cycle?

    The billing cycle is a month, counted from the date of activation, or transition to Play deal on reNew Card. Example: if you activated the card on the 7th day of the month, then each subsequent cycle will be started also a 7th day of the month. At any time you can check your billing cycle - type and confirm *181# code.

  • What is the paid activity?

    Paid activity you are performing, when for example: you pay for the calls, text messages, you use the Internet in accordance with the deal price list, you top-up the account, enable paid package, send a text from the package or use a minute/minutes from the package or use the Internet from the package. Note: If you have enabled Free status, calls and texts at Play do not count as paid activity.

  • What is PLN 2 charged for?

    We will charge PLN 2, if in a given cycle you do not do any paid activity. After 12 consecutive months without a paid activity we will exclude number. In this situation, the unused funds will be cancelled.

  • How to avoid being charged?

    In the billing cycle do any paid activity, for example, e.g. you will send a text for 29 gr. At any time, you can check your billing cycle - type and confirm *181# code.