30 GB starter to start

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30 GB starter to start


30 GB starter to start

  • Account valid 7 days
  • Fast ULTRA LTE internet

Starter price

19 PLN

Internet for free after top-up

For each top-up you will get a Bonus Pack of GB. Thanks to that you can use the funds from the top-up to call, text or for Internet packages.

Top-up Bonus after top-up Total data package Account validity after top-up
5-9  PLN 250 MB 0,5 GB 5 days
10-19  PLN 2,52 GB 3 GB 7 days
20-29  PLN 5,05 GB 6 GB 14 days
30-49  PLN 7,57 GB 9 GB 30 days
50-74  PLN 12,62 GB 15 GB 60 days
75-99  PLN 26,42 GB 30 GB 90 days
from 100  PLN 45,23 GB 50 GB 120 days

Internet Packages with unlimited GB

Do you watch videos, games or tv shows over the internet, upload large files or play online? Enable unlimited Internet for a week or for entire month.

First steps in Play

How do I get started?
  • Register number
  • Insert the sim card to your phone
  • Switch on the phone
  • Call any number
    to activate your SIM card
How to top up the account?
  • on page:
  • In each Play store Find a store
  • In ATM-s
  • With scratch cards available in stores
    throughout the country
    (variants: 5, 10, 30, 50 PLN)
  • By payment terminals in shops
How to use USSD codes?

With USSD codes you can check the status of your account to activate the packages and change the tariff.

The use of USSD codes is very easy.
Just type in the selected code in the phone keypad and make the connection.

See the entire list of USSD codes

Where to buy Play starter?
  • In each Play store Find a store
  • In Empik stores
  • On newsstands
  • At petrol stations
  • In many small stores
    all over Poland